Root Canal Therapy

Hearing the words “you need a root canal” strikes fear into hearts of many people, and, may single-handedly be the biggest obstacle/reason patients avoid the dentist. With today’s advanced techniques and procedures, this does not have to be the case at all.

So “what is a root canal?” A root canal is simply the removal of the soft tissue inside of the tooth, in reality not a big deal. This being said, a root canal is a lengthy endeavor, but the techniques we employ in our office make it much more comfortable and easy to tolerate. One thing a patient must know is, after the tissue is removed from the tooth it will shortly, thereafter, start to become brittle, due to the loss of nutrient supply, creating the need for a crown in 97% of all cases.

What “causes” a tooth to need a root canal? There are several reasons a tooth may need this service, the first and most frequent one is: decay in the tooth that has destroyed the tooth beyond the nerve canal. Once this happens, there is no turning back. Second, the nerve of the tooth has died, due to injury, multiple fillings on the same tooth, and in some cases the reason can be a combination of these.


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