Why Choose Us?

From the very first appointment with all our valued patients, we aim to establish open and honest lines of communication.  We do this for two reasons: First and foremost so we understand your needs, your wants, and your vision.  Second, so that you may understand us and our commitment to providing Excellent, Informed and Patient Oriented Care.  It is only with mutual understanding of these ideals that we can work in a cooperative and committed relationship towards reaching your needs and not only attaining, but sustaining your dental health.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a patient-centered atmosphere where there is mutual respect for everyone’s time, needs, and comfort.  We use a Team approach to produce efficient, productive and cost-effective results for our patients as well as our staff.  It is this type of attitude that yields common courtesy and respect for the growth and continued success of our practice.

  • We want to help you attain optimal dental health. This can be achieved both in our office and within the walls of your own home.
  • We want to combine our efforts with you to help you achieve the kind of dental health that you deserve and that you can be proud of.

Looking for quality and affordable dental care?